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About Susanne Penfold

Honesty, transparency, consistency and patience are not very sexy words when it comes to marketing.

Not when compared with fast, easy, passive and money...

But in my experience the best results have come when I've worked within the top set  ...and yes, I've been seduced by the bottom set on many occasions too.

For me as an affiliate finding and evaluating great products, before promoting them to people who could benefit from them has been the best policy.

The Penfolds

Susanne, Rebecca, Richard, and Betty

To describe myself in a few words... a human Labrador, loyal, love water, and a little to keen on my food.​

Story of my life:-​

  • Below average student - school never inspired me much - ironically I now love to read and improve myself
  • Left home at 16 to avoid my dad's functional alcoholism (he was an awesome dad until the booze finally got him)
  • ​Became the worst golf professional the world has ever seen - Great times though!
  • Moved into a career as a sporadically successful salesman for various Telecoms companies​
  • Started my own recruitment business and found my first consistent long-term success.​
  • The subprime financial crisis of 2007-8 hit my client base of Banks and consulting firms very hard... and me with them.
  • Tried juggling my recruitment business with a few other ideas with not enough focus or clarity.
  • 2013 decided my future was online and launched a number of hit and miss online ventures.
  • 2016 settled on a system that plays to my strengths, and am stubbornly working towards my personal goal.

My original goal was a monthly profit of £10,000.

At first I didn't give a great deal of thought as to how or what I'd do for it, and so tried a number of online activities...

Building multiple mini sites to profit from advertising / affiliate commissions - this did very well until Google rightly (the sites had no heart) slapped them into oblivion.

Careful what you wish for...​

I also provided online marketing consultancy to local firms. This is a very good business opportunity, which grew quickly. However my dream was becoming clearer in my mind, and I didn't want the hassle of pandering to clients and chasing for payments etc.

Don't let my reasoning above put you off this business model, 25 years ago I'd have stuck with it. Helping local business with their online 'stuff' is a great opportunity for the right people.

My goal now is still £10,000 month but earned through semi-passive methods that will allow me the freedom to do what I want when I want.

I fell for the promise of easy profits through automation, and leveraging the work of others in network marketing (Multi Level Marketing - MLM).

Multi-level marketing was a rich learning experience, and I must confess to liking a lot of the people, and ideals, however in my experience many of these programs are over-hyped and misleadingly sold.

I'm now back on track and making steady progress to realise my goal...

The irony is way back in 2003 I actually stumbled on the secret by accident!

I built my recruitment website. It was only 4 pages, like an online brochure.

I didn't add any content to the site for about 3 years, and then one Christmas when the recruitment business goes to sleep, I added a ton of career advice, tips on resume writing, acing interviews, and negotiating offers.

My best stuff.​

I had no objectives for this work, I just thought it would help some of my clients.

I did it in about 3 weeks and forgot all about it...

All of a sudden I start getting people email from all over the world.

I look at my web stats for about the first time ever and my site is getting over 5,000 visitors a month (it used to get under 200 per month).​

I'm getting requests from companies to advertise on some of my pages, and without intending it even I cannot stop this thing earning me money.

The secret?

I tried my hardest to help people with no thought of personal gain!​

As soon as I put the money first it all goes to #@*&​

This site earned me a modest monthly income for over 10 years and would still be today if it hadn't been hacked to death (tip: get high quality hosting and take consistent site back ups).​

So going forward it's all about helping people as best I can, using automation tools where prudent, and not getting distracted by all the shiny objects.​

I would say earning money online is still a low risk opportunity for just about anyone...

I didn't say it's easy.

It's like learning any new skill it takes time and practice.

I've written a page on how people can

Get started online (my best stuff) which you can read here...

Contact Me

I love to hear from you 🙂

If you have any questions about me or the content on this site please either ask away in the comments below or, email Susanne at my website name.com (this format of email address prevents my email being scraped and spammed - replace at my with @ and my website name with theultimateaffiliateprogram.com).

I reply to every email.​


As an affiliate I recommend products and services that I use, if you click on my affiliate links to those products and services I may receive a small affiliate commission 🙂

By subscribing to my list of quality affiliate programs I do not guarantee your success in any way.

The content on this site does imply that being honest and transparent are characteristics shared by some superheros, but please do not try leaping tall buildings or lifting heavy objects.

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