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Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketers

Best Autoresponder For

If you're an affiliate within the make money online or network marketing space I would say GetResponse is your best choice for these 2 reasons...

#1 The BIG REASON is allowing a single optin option for new GetResponse accounts...            

In this marketplace you're likely to be promoting products from networks   such as Warrior Plus and JVZoo or programs that may offer 'done for you list building'...

For this to work out the box you need your Email Service Provider to allow single optin via API.

Aweber at the time of writing don't allow new accounts to use the single optin option until they have 'proven' themselves'.

GetResponse are easy to use and Affiliate Friendly!

#2 GetResponse offers 'Automation', which enables people to set up more effective email sequences based on the actions their subscribers take.

Set up email 'Automation' sequences that for example... give subscribers a choice of paths within any email.

This can lead to an entirely different and better targeted sequence of follow up messages. For example you may simply ask what topic your subscribers want to see more info on...

Giving you the smart marketer the option of giving people the information THEY want ...improved user experience? improved conversion?

More affiliate commissions? You bet:)

That's it! 

Get Response is a great service for affiliate and network marketers, and yes they have a great affiliate program and yes, they provide a 30 day free trial period...

The Dream Affiliate Program To Promote

So you want to make money as an affiliate marketer.

It follows that the affiliate program(s) you choose to promote will have a huge bearing on your success? conducted a poll asking affiliates what criteria they looked for when choosing a program to promote.

The image to the left shows the criteria suggested...

and here are the top 5 criteria affiliate marketers look for when selecting an affiliate program to promote...

  1. Commission Amount
  2. Website (offer page, usability, 'leaks')
  3. Product / Merchants Reputation
  4. Conversion rate
  5. Tracking and reporting platform used

No real surprises here. 'Leaks' mentioned in point '2' are for when an affiliate landing page offers ways where the affiliate could lose their commission... a leak. A common example of a leak is when a merchant promotes visitors to join their email list but does not track and credit the referring affiliate for any subsequent sales made. A telephone ordering service is another common leak.

F - EPC or Earning Per Click is not always available it's a metric more commonly associated with affiliate networks such as CJ (Commission Junction) and JVZoo. It shows the average value of each visitor sent to the offer across all referring affiliates. If you understand what it costs you to send a visitor to that offer and it's less than the EPC... BINGO!

B - Commission recurrence is worthy of extra awareness as success in promoting these types of recurring payment model can build the much heralded 'passive income'. Meaning you sell or refer once and get paid repeatedly. Membership programs and services are good examples of this type of affiliate program.

The Business Opportunity / Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing arena doesn't have the best of reputations in general terms but is contributing some innovation in terms of attracting affiliates through helping them to succeed...

Tiered commission structures are now starting to appear in non-biz-opp companies (usually restricted to two tiers).

Producing and sharing high-quality marketing collateral for affiliates to use in their own marketing.

Team building, training, and support is the mainstay of successful Network Marketers. Mainstream companies really seem to be investing more into developing their affiliates.

Email Co-Registration is when an email address is collected from a visitor and allocated to more than one email list owner. Put more simply promote an affiliate offer that collects emails addresses and offers co-registration to its affiliates and you can build your own email list from the traffic you send to that offer. This is usually achieved via setting up an API connection with your email service.

Back end affiliate commissions are commissions earned from the sale of products or services following the initial offer.

As an example:- The image below is taken from the ClickBank Marketplace for the well-respected training product Affilorama as you can see the Initial sale value of $58.26 is dramatically bettered by the Average sale value of $642.94

This is because Affilorama has a low-cost front-end offer but offers higher value products for people to progress too.

Affilorama affiliate details from the Clickbank network showing the far greater average sale value than the lower initial sale value.

Amazon's associate affiliate program is very popular because obviously, Amazon is a well-trusted brand that converts very well but also because it credits affiliates with all sales made during the duration of the affiliates cookie, meaning that though you may have sent somebody to Amazon through your site on kitchen gadgets you end up earning commissions on the sale of outdoor all weather furniture and a fire-pit!

As technology develops it's enabling some affiliate programs to credit affiliates with commissions earned through 3rd party recommendation. What the hell is that?

Using as an example. Wealthy Affiliate is a long established (11th year) affiliate training membership community. is a leading keyword research tool under the same ownership. Both companies offer affiliate programs but here's the kicker, if as an affiliate of both companies if you set your back office affiliate identifiers correctly (easy to do) you get credited for all sales of Jaaxy via the Wealthy Affiliate training curriculum for no extra effort... and visa verse.

And here's the SUPER KICKER what if your affiliate id could be placed in links to non-related 3rd party tools that are relevant to the training / topic ????

Programs offering this level of multiple affiliate income streams are now starting to appear, and developments in co-registration are meaning that affiliate programs can now build not only YOUR prospect lists but BUYER LISTS too!!!

So the challenge now becomes finding these 'dream' affiliate programs....


Traffic! Traffic Source #1 Google Pay Per Click?

So if the formula for affiliate success is

Targeted Traffic + Relevant Offer = Profitable Conversion

I’m going to start by identifying the first traffic source I want to learn.

If you’ve been around affiliate marketing anytime you’ll be aware that Google doesn’t seem to like affiliate marketers.

And any brave or stupid affiliate trying to promote affiliate offers with Google Adwords would likely lose their account.

Rumor has it that Google is softening its stance on affiliates (slightly).

I’m interested to test this out.

So in terms of mentorship or who to copy for this endeavor, I’m going to copy Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate for his PPC training and John R Barker (Affiliate Black Book) for his ‘blueprint’ content ideas.

Both Kyle and John are of the opinion that as long as the content sticks to Google’s quality standards and offers the visitor a good experience Google Adwords should work fine.

John goes a lot further saying that search engine pay per click (there’s Bing too) is the most targeted traffic available (logical).

Affiliate Marketing In Simple Terms

Affiliate Marketing in simple terms is connecting traffic (people) with offers.

If you show enough people offers you’ll eventually get CONVERSIONS.

Conversions earn affiliates money 🙂

My goal is to learn how to improve this process through testing (experience) so that it’s profitable and efficient (doesn’t take a lot of time to manage).

That’s it! (simple remember).

Who am I going to copy?

If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” – Tony Robbins …

Seem like good advice to me.

To recap my goal is to create my own affiliate promotion system that suits my circumstances, abilities, and generates profits.

It’ll be nice if it’s scalable as well 🙂

I have a habit of over complicating things, so want to keep things simple and guard against complexity and overwhelm.

Over the last two years, I’ve managed to lose weight and improve my fitness. Nothing earth shattering but for a guy heading towards my mid-fifties, I’m happy with my health. This was achieved very easily actually by creating some healthy daily HABITS (not hard or demanding, or even time-consuming).

For those interested, it’s home cooked natural food (where possible) with a morning exercise routine that I flex to suit how I feel daily (meaning some day’s I do 5 minutes of something easy others I push myself harder).

I’ve turned these simple actions into ‘my’ health success habits.

Don’t worry I still enjoy unhealthy stuff, just in moderation.

Developing daily business success habits is another way of stating my goal.

So in terms of who to copy?

I see this as potentially being a few experts in specific areas of my business.

In terms of mindset (you need determined, resourceful, ‘good’ attitude) I’m going with Tony Robbins and Earl Nightingale.

Love Tony Robbins Success Formula…

Simply Connecting Targeted Traffic With Great Offers…

“Systems work people fail”

I used to recruit for top tier management consulting firms. These firms would take bright young people train them in ‘methodologies’ and sell them into their clients for a handsome profit.

Nothing wrong with any of this, but it always struck me how vitally important the methodologies (systems and process) were to these firms.

They enabled people to be hired out for way above the worth of their actual experience in many cases. Solid methodology would enable people to achieve beyond their experience levels (with the right guidance of course).

With the simplicity of systems in mind, I’m curious how far I can go leveraging some of the really great affiliate programs available today.

“Affiliate programs that do most of the work for me”

Was it Tim Ferriss who said something about implementing a ‘low information diet’ in his book “The 4-Hour Work Week?

I want to follow my own low information diet…

Simple, measurable, self-correcting, ACTIONS, to achieve predictable results. 

With the aim of creating my own profitable methodology (system) for promoting great affiliate programs, I will need:-

  •  Targeted traffic
  • Advertising and messaging tailored for each traffic source
  • Lead capture (list building)
  • A great product(s) to promote
  • Tracking and conversion
  • Budgeting and governance

Tony Robbins says that if you want to achieve something find somebody who’s doing what you want and copy them…

So who am I going to copy???