'No Thanks' I'm Only Here For Super Powers

As an affiliate I believe being KNOWN as somebody who ONLY promotes high quality products and services is a super power.

Serve and protect.

Filter out the crap.

Look after and nurture people.

Your 'rep' is EVERYTHING...

Surely these are attributes of many superheros. And if you can pull off high lycra content outfits  ...so much the better.

Help People Realize Their Goals And Profit Too

If you're new to affiliate marketing and you want an idea you can build a long-term business around stick to that you know or something that you want to know / learn / become.

I work full-time, so my goal is simple...

To build semi-passive income streams that provide my family increasing supplemental earnings.

To do this part-time I have to work smart, leveraging systems and automation as I learn the marketing ropes.

The BIG ADVANTAGE we have as affiliates is that we are not restricted by having to recommend any one product, we can pick the best of breed.​

To be clear my success is a recipe...

  1. Pick a market - People who like me want to earn extra cash through affiliate marketing, without having the time to do hours of content generation and social media stuff.
  2. Build a list of people with similar needs to me.
  3. Create a portfolio of great products and services that help me and by extension will help people like me.
  4. Learn how to better communicate, through advertising, and email marketing. 
  5. Share what works and really help people to implement for themselves.
  6. Learn to take DAILY ACTION and track results to refine my processes.

And by building a business around list building and automating much of the follow up the passive income model is very achievable. 

As you'd imagine I've found great training programs, and products and services that pay for themselves in terms of time saving and efficiency.

They all offer affiliate programs.

You really don't need to be very skilled to promote a product you own, like and use. 

Sharing and helping people with the products and services I use is my prime business model.

Honest, Authentic and above all SIMPLE.

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