“Systems work people fail”

I used to recruit for top tier management consulting firms. These firms would take bright young people train them in ‘methodologies’ and sell them into their clients for a handsome profit.

Nothing wrong with any of this, but it always struck me how vitally important the methodologies (systems and process) were to these firms.

They enabled people to be hired out for way above the worth of their actual experience in many cases. Solid methodology would enable people to achieve beyond their experience levels (with the right guidance of course).

With the simplicity of systems in mind, I’m curious how far I can go leveraging some of the really great affiliate programs available today.

“Affiliate programs that do most of the work for me”

Was it Tim Ferriss who said something about implementing a ‘low information diet’ in his book “The 4-Hour Work Week?

I want to follow my own low information diet…

Simple, measurable, self-correcting, ACTIONS, to achieve predictable results

With the aim of creating my own profitable methodology (system) for promoting great affiliate programs, I will need:-

  •  Targeted traffic
  • Advertising and messaging tailored for each traffic source
  • Lead capture (list building)
  • A great product(s) to promote
  • Tracking and conversion
  • Budgeting and governance

Tony Robbins says that if you want to achieve something find somebody who’s doing what you want and copy them…

So who am I going to copy???

Susanne Penfold

Building supplementary income by promoting affiliate programs that sell themselves...

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