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Who's This Page For and Why Should You Care?

Would you believe there are free to join affiliate programs for in demand quality products that offer:-

  • Lifetime Cookies* - Lifetime commissions on people you introduce.
  • A great user experience - Only the best for your visitors... no unethical over-hyped BS
  • Affiliate commissions on front mid and back end products - The opportunity to earn large commissions from the higher ticket items that smart companies have in their portfolio.
  • Recurring Commission programs. Sell once be paid time and time again.
  • Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) - Promote ONE affiliate link but get paid from separate companies affiliate programs... how cool is that?
  • All follow up marketing to prospects you introduce maintains your affiliate identity - Meaning if somebody you introduce doesn't buy anything for 2 years then returns via ongoing follow up marketing and buys front middle and back end products... you still get paid ! on everything they buy!
  • Remarketing to prospects you introduce at no cost to you!
  • Sales funnels that use the latest in value led behavioral intent technology proven to increase conversions - Meaning more commissions all round 🙂
  • Sales funnels with co-registration lead capture - Giving you the option to build your list using the vendor's lead capture system.
  • Continuous high quality content generation which affiliates can use to help their promotions.
* Cookies are little pieces of code that are put on our browsers as we travel around the Internet clicking links and having fun. They are used to identify us and the stuff we like.


Affiliate cookies ​contain our unique affiliate identifier and are used by companies running affiliate programs to ensure they pay the deserving affiliate.


Would you agree, that given just some of the above COULD help you to succeed as an affiliate?

If you could send targeted traffic to these programs to would you succeed?

Would you like a list of these programs ?

 AND best converting traffic source? click here...

Hi, my names Susanne Penfold and for me the answer to the above question was 'YES'.

I'm no super affiliate or skilled marketer. I don't create products, have a big list or do anything particularly well online (don't get me wrong I'm always working to improve, but I'm not a natural marketer).​

Success as an affiliate for me has come through honest authentic communication​ coupled with really great products that truly help people.

Susanne Penfold

The tricky bit?

1. Finding and sorting out the best affiliate programs to promote.​

2. Devising ways to send targeted (people you know are interested in the subject) traffic.​

So if you're looking for a simple (2 part) system for earning affiliate commissions I think I can help by:-

  • Giving you access to my growing list of great affiliate programs
  • Sharing my 3 favorite ways to send targeted traffic to these great programs
  • Showing you how I find great 'off the radar' programs to promote

DISCLAIMER: Giving people proven affiliate programs and showing them ways to send targeted visitors to those programs does not guarantee you success, health, or super powers of any kind.

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