Traffic! Traffic Source #1 Google Pay Per Click?

So if the formula for affiliate success is

Targeted Traffic + Relevant Offer = Profitable Conversion

I’m going to start by identifying the first traffic source I want to learn.

If you’ve been around affiliate marketing anytime¬†you’ll be aware that Google doesn’t seem to like affiliate marketers.

And any brave or stupid affiliate trying to promote affiliate offers with Google Adwords would likely lose their account.

Rumor has it that Google is softening its stance on affiliates (slightly).

I’m interested to test this out.

So in terms of mentorship or who to copy for this endeavor, I’m going to copy Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate for his PPC training and John R Barker (Affiliate Black Book) for his ‘blueprint’ content ideas.

Both Kyle and John are of the opinion that as long as the content sticks to Google’s quality standards and offers the visitor a good experience Google Adwords should work fine.

John goes a lot further saying that search engine pay per click (there’s Bing too) is the most targeted traffic available (logical).

Susanne Penfold

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